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About Euro Asia Shipping and Marine Services

The focus of Euro Asia Shipping and Marine Services Pte Ltd is to work with our clients to bring technical and financial solutions to their ship management and maritime service requirements while maintaining the highest industry standards.
Policy Statement


The Company’s mission is to carry out all operations with zero ship accidents, no human injury and no environmental damage.


The company’s vision is to continuously improve the safety, health, environment and quality performance and to be an industry top quartile manager of asphalt tankers.

Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality Policy

It is the company’s policy to preserve personnel health, ensure the ship’s safety, protect the marine environment whilst meeting the requirements, needs, and expectations of all our customers. The Company shall establish a structured and documented Safety Management System to implement this policy, through compliance with all environmental legislation, regulations, and codes of practice relevant to the maritime and shipping industry in which it operates. The Safety Management System aims to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life, avoidance of damage to the environment, and to property, whilst achieving customer satisfaction through continual improvement and performance.

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